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North Devon Journal Archive

First published in 1824, the North Devon Journal newspaper is a mine of information

The North Devon Journal archive is the largest of our collections. The newspaper has been going for nearly 200 years and is a mine of information.

We have the original copies of the newspapers first year (1824-25) of publication and a complete run of original papers from 1853-1980. We also have a complete run of the papers on microfilm from 1824-1988 which are kept alongside the Local Studies films, which run from 1989-2014, in the public area of the joint department.

In the 1980’s a project under the Man Power Services Commission saw an index to the papers created covering the years 1824/5, 1850-1895. This index can be searched by either subject or surname. More recently volunteers have created an index to the birth, marriage and death notices which is almost complete from 1824-1949.

Last but not least we also have the Journal’s negative archive. Thousands of glass and film negatives which were taken for use (or not) in the newspaper from the late 1940s to the early 2000s. So far we have digitised nearly 28,000 of these negatives and there are thousands more to do.

For more information about the collections visit our blog - Tales From the Archives - where you can also find some of the stories we have discovered within the pages.

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